VICTORIAN BUG is the side-project from The Kiss That Took A Trip's only member Trello +++ It's music in its loosest definition +++ It's dark and horrible sonic debris +++ It follows no rules and it takes no prisoners +++ Or maybe it's a huge joke on everybody +++ VICTORIAN BUG is a highly experimental musical project based on noise, extremism, the subversive and the macabre +++ It's the aching sound of 21st century despair and the voice of the unruly +++ VICTORIAN BUG loves drones, infinite notes, low tones and unspeakable background horror, and is entirely web-based, so you won't (almost) find any VB records out there +++ It is one hundred percent free and uncompromised +++ It's an ammalgamation of the influences of many sonic outcasts and a bit more +++ It's the sound of industrial, noise, doom metal, no-wave, drone, dark ambient and musique concrète fighting for their lives inside an abandoned asylum +++ VICTORIAN BUG tries to use unusual (although not entirely new or groundbreaking) ways of arranging sounds (algebra, mathematical patterns, prime numbers, huge delays and reverbs, altering the pitch of found sounds...), and its ultimate goal is to achieve melodic atonality, the definitive musical paradox: sending utter noisy nonsense to your ears so the brain decodes the melody inside +++