You think you're special? Fuck you!
[...], you fucker
You sissy faggot, you piece of shit
Fuck your feelings
Fuck whatever the fuck you're feeling right now
Fuck you
Suck my fucking dick and go to hell, go straight to hell
You fucking teeny piece of shit, you scumbag
You ain't worth nothing
You're disgusting
I'm gonna shit on your forehead, you fucking faggot
Go eat a bag of dicks or whatever the fuck you like
What do you like?... You piece of shit
You're nothing but a pose
You're a disgusting and ridiculous piece of shit
I'm gonna take a shit on your face
You waste of human flesh
Don't tell me how to talk, don't tell me what to do
You fucking piece of shit, you faggot
I'm trying to [...]
How old are you anyway?
What do you know about anything, you fucking piece of shit?
Fuck you, I'm gonna take a shit on your feelings, I'm gonna piss on your feelings, I don't care about your fucking feelings
I'm going to kick you in the balls or whatever the fuck you have there between your legs
Don't tell me who you're fucking
Don't tell me [...]
[...] you
You little pigs, you little fuckheads, you little boneheads
You're fucking nothing
I will do as I please, I'll always do whatever the fuck I want
You wastes of human flesh
You wastes of human flesh
I'm not that sure
Fuck your feelings!