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July 2nd, 2013


Cheap and Pretentious Records

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Written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by M.D.Trello


ERA PRIMA is an ultra-limited promotional CD by Victorian Bug that compiles a number of tracks from its five first years of existence and features one brand new song EXCLUSIVELY available on it.

ERA PRIMA is not for sale, but it can be shipped on demand to anyone requesting it (contacting Victorian Bug via email: contact@thekissthattookatrip.com).


01 + Shackle / Humiliate / Execute / Rinse / Start over

02 + Minicassettes found inside the stomach of a corpse

03 + The amusing job of hurting the senses

04 + Our soulful skeletons will march on stinging fields of burning graphite (*)

05 + Mal rayo te parta

06 + Unsuspecting victims to 10x25

07 + You're gonna have to learn to hate your son

08 + No one realized she was dead until there was no answer from her

09 + A brothel of contortions, a cabin under the milky moon

10 + Come to me, oh, japanese women

11 + ET Atari cartridges buried in the Arizona Desert

12 + Church of the hollow body

13 + Industrially improved genitalia

14 + Sknyliv strollers (oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord!) (**) (***)

(*) Mispelled on the promo as 'Our soulful skeletons will march on burning fields on stinging graphite'.

(**) Track exclusively available on this release

(***) Mispelled everywhere as 'Sknyvil strollers (oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord!)